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Travis Grawey
Travis Grawey

Minneapolis, MN

My name is Travis Grawey—I am a Minneapolis-based Creator dedicated to helping great brands and retailers grow and improve their digital experiences. I've been called a maverick and a nonconformist because I'm never satisfied with the way things have been done in the past. If there's a different or better way, I'm committed to find it and test it. This is how I work, and this is what I expect from my team. Before you look any further, I have created a soundtrack for your enjoyment while you explore my work  open.spotify.com/user/tgraw/playlist/0R91TIfzeui7EJJus4cDvd  In addition to my love of brand and UI design, I love coffee, coaching baseball and football, and camping with my family and dog. I'd love to spend some time with you to talk about your goals, and how we can create something great together.    Looking forward to connecting with you! Travis.

branding, creative direction, design, mobile, ui, ux, visual design

  1. Minnesota Designers On Slack (MXUX) promo design minneapolis slack minnesota
  2. Some Cats doodle brand cat king queen cowboy patch batman hockey jason astronaut
  3. Slider UI for Super-Secret Marketing App slider scroll ui mixer
  4. R.I.P. Mr. Spock icon hand spock vulcan trek emoji
  5. Rejected Wellness Branding sun spiral wellness health brand
  6. Geo Mountains triangles mountains geometric logo brand
  7. ⠞⠗⠁⠧⠊⠎ (Travis) dots braille personal brand
  8. Nice Knockers lion polygon animal geometric knocker door king
  9. Brave Ticket business card brave ticket vintage hand drawn doodle flourish
  10. Logo Refresh Options logo badge mountains script
  11. Filters for Super-Secret Marketing App filter icons buttons app
  12. Now you see me logo type outline invisible
  13. Gift Card gift card guitar pick lightning bolt
  14. promo poster for lukew's 'mobile first' talk promo poster museo
  15. It's an "M" triangle m logo geometric brand
  16. Secrets hand-drawn fashion modern typography playful
  17. WW2 Styled Motivational Poster inspiration motivation ww2 fly propaganda dinosaur cloud poster
  18. Summer Lockup summer sun water waves
  19. Front of Greeting Card card typography star lightning bolt
  20. Brand Palette
  21. Minne-snow-ta Badge minnesota snow badge snowflake
  22. Oops. 404 Error Page
  23. Rebound: Made in MN
  24. Made in MN
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